Service Areas


Our service areas include the whole of San Jose in California.

Pick Squad Locksmith services cater to all San Jose communities within a 50 mile radius of San Jose. These locksmith services include all of our mobile and urgent situation locksmith services.  We also provide our service to your areas. You can call us directly.

Pick Squad are always in San Jose to help you.  Call all of our service areas below.

Major Cities Close to San Jose
Fremont27.2 km / 16.9 milesDirections
Oakland58.4 km / 36.3 milesDirections
San Francisco69.5 km / 43.2 milesDirections
Modesto86.3 km / 53.6 milesDirections
Stockton87.6 km / 54.5 milesDirections
Sacramento143.4 km / 89.1 milesDirections
Fresno196 km / 121.8 milesDirections
Reno304.3 km / 189.1 milesDirections
Bakersfield335 km / 208.2 milesDirections
Los Angeles489.2 km / 304 milesDirections
Long Beach516.9 km / 321.2 milesDirections


527.2 km / 327.6 milesDirections
Santa Ana537.7 km / 334.1 milesDirections
San Bernardino544.1 km / 338.1 milesDirections
Irvine548.5 km / 340.9 milesDirections
Riverside551.2 km / 342.5 milesDirections
Las Vegas611.9 km / 380.2 milesDirections
North Las Vegas613.5 km / 381.2 milesDirections
Paradise615.5 km / 382.5 milesDirections
Sunrise Manor620.7 km / 385.7 milesDirections
Henderson623.6 km / 387.5 milesDirections
San Diego667.2 km / 414.6 milesDirections
Chula Vista678 km / 421.3 milesDirections
Tijuana691.9 km / 429.9 milesDirections
Portland914 km / 567.9 milesDirections


If you don’t see your society listed above, then also just call us as much than likely if you are within a 60 mile radius of San Jose we service your region. Our supportive team is always here for you.

We have a trained locksmith technician in every service area we are able to drive to you rapid. Within a few minutes we will be at your door step in San Jose.